Where can I buy PVC sheets?

I want to get some sheet PVC to build a lightweight shelving unit for my baby snakes. I have no idea where to buy it, though I see it used as a material around tutorials and what not. Anybody know somewhere local to buy sheet expanded PVC?

Hobby lobby carries various thicknesses of hobby sheeting ford model railroad,or if you need a pic piece just get a piece of polystyrene from Allied plastic

Two comments:

  1. If you’re planning on using a laser cutter on this stuff, don’t. It gives off corrosive gas when lasered that can damage the machine and people.

  2. Kessler is one of my family names, in a manner of speaking. What are the odds that you’re Jewish and that your family comes from the Chicago area?

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Another source for expanded PVC sheets is Reece Supply. they have a warehouse on Valley View just south of Rental Car Drive/Northgate.

Allied Plastic near Walnut and Harry Hines will carry it. Ask for Jeannie.

You can also price clear Acrylic there so you can see the snakes. :smiley: IT’s laser safe.

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I recommend acrylic and Jeannie is great to work with as @talkers has said.

you can also get weldon there to bind the acrylic

I was not planning on using the laser cutter, but thanks for the tip.

Nope, I am unrelated by blood to the Kessler I got my name from. Complicated story, but that side of the family is from California

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Clear is actually not ideal, they do best in when they feel secure. Thanks for the info though I will definitely check them out