When will membership hit 2000?

When do you think the 2000th member will join DMS?

My pick is October 6, 2018 at 3:17PM

Check the current count with @StanSimmons neat real time link:

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9-30-2018 in afternoon before 5PM

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October 4th, after 8pm.

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A watched pot never boils, so… :slight_smile:

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October 5th before 8:00 p.m.

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One dollar Drew!
Oh wait, wrong show.

October 6th 1:40 and the persons name will start with a J and she will be wearing something blue.


I see a weasel here … is that AM or PM?

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She will sign up in person after talking with a spinner and getting excited about spinning (and lathes) yup

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I think I have the best guess but @uglyknees specificity is hard to ignore.

yeah if she gets that right, I’m going to have her start buying all my Lotto tickets. Also, I’m psyched we will be getting another woodturner…


October 6 at 6:45 pm. I think Brady will get someone enthused about arduino classes.


2003 according to this: https://accounts.dallasmakerspace.org/member_count.php?total

This thread is in play again in the bad way…

1997 today…drip…drip…

Time for a 2,500 member cap? It’ll be easy to implement now. Not so much then there 2,600… Or a cap at any level for that matter, 3,000, whatever. I suspect a cap would encourage people to keep signed up instead of sign up for a few months and then drop. Maybe not though. One way to find out!


That’s an interesting idea.

It takes away much of the value in threatening leaving the group, when you could be locked out if someone else fills your slot. It limits the possible users of the space. It lets us advertise a limited commodity. Plus, we can run a waiting list, allowing us an active option to fill seats when people leave. And, blocking out the 1 month members is great.

While it feels less open, I like the positives it allows our group.


A membership cap only creates urgency if it is near. 500 members away, it might as well be 10,000…

I disagree.
You are not taking in to account a grace period for those that leave. If we allow a 1 or 2 month grace period, those in that period lessen available seats and lower the number. This could float 50 or 100 seats easily. We have a lot of single month members which could make the availability look very active.

A membership cap with a grace period is a case of “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

Members are going to quit for reasons unrelated to their feelings about DMS: moving, loss of job, etc.

A cap with a grace period prevents new members from filling that void.