When can I find a Wood stabilizing class?

So interested in making a river table well! @Lordrook

I think a river table is a bigger project than a class can cover. For a large river table you will have a very sizable amount of $$ into the project. Many of us can answer questions or give tips though.

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I will be doing a Make and Take class very soon which will cover the basics to making a river table. This will be a river board. This class will most likely cost around $75 but will include a nice piece of live edge board, any pigment you would like, the cost of the resin and the knowledge to rinse and repeat. Interested?


I can set up a stabilizing class, just make note that the object has to be able to fit inside a vacuum chamber. Our vacuum chambers are about 1.5 gallons so definitely not enough to do full planks of wood. Shoot me a PM for scheduling, or if you are wanting to do a river table then maybe do Larry’s class?


I get a lot of questions with my set up in the North Annex about large pours. Will post pictures of the sample board for the class in a couple days

I would be interested in a stabilizing class, If you could announce it or at least tell us what it is called it would be appreciated.


Does it have to fit within a chamber or can it be done using vacuum bagging?

I’ve never seen anyone use a vacuum bag. I have a feeling that a near space like vacuum pull would be too much for a bag.

What does Larry teach.

Possibly a small river cutting board just to see the materials you use and how you assemble it. I’ve been making them but struggling with the resin seeping out underneath the wood. Tried stealing it with silicone I also tried hot glue. But still struggling with resin bleeding under

Sounds like the basics of doing a resin table.

I would pay the $75 to learn!!

@Lordrook teaches the Wood stabilizing class. I took it sometime in spring, think. Good stuff! And you get to use something called “Cactus Juice.” Can’t beat that.

I hope it makes you rush out and build/buy a vacuum chamber so I can stop blowing up pens.

The second vacuum pot that was donated a while back (sorry forgot your name who donated it) is in working order. The gauge looks to work (pulled to 28) and it stayed there for roughly 2 hours.

Second vacuum pot is for class use only