When are we going to get donner fixed?

When will Donner be fixed? It’s losing money just sitting there.

I’m sure @team_laser would love some help fixing it. I tagged them so you could schedule some meetup time for repairs.

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I would love that. It would have to be during the week.

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Uhhhh… What’s wrong with donner?


Ahh. I forgot that request had two issues in it.

That’s a tough one. We’re all pretty sure it’s alignment but after hours working on it at the last maintainence day it still had the issue.

I maintained a Full Spectrum Laser and had to run alignments and other repairs on it. Who would I talk to about getting certified to help out on these?


Best way is to come to our monthly laser meeting and maintenance day first sunday of every month
or you can try to catch me or andrew @sixvolts we could go over a few things and get you setup as a volunteer.

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The tube position is probably incorrect.


Its not making money when operating our tiny usage fee helps us maintain and replace our expensive tools as required for the joy of our maker community please remeber we are volunteer ran.

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Yeah, that’s one of the adjustments we made.

I would like to learn how to maintain the machines but I can’t come on the weekends. If you have time during the week I can meet you and you can show me how to do it. My email is [email protected] let me know when you or someone else can meet and I’ll be there. Any time Mon-Thurs.

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