Wheel basics class for nonmembers

Hello! I was really interested in @Liamluu ‘s class on wheel throwing basics on 10/1 but unfortunately it’s full! Does anyone know when another class like that might be on the calendar so I can keep an eye out for it? Thanks!

I personally will post class 1 week out. Other ceramic instructors usually will post their class at the beginning of the month. I would keep and eye on the calendar for the drop.

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Will do! Thanks!

Just a question Liam. Don’t you have to be a DMS member to take the wheel throwing class at DMS? The question subject says nonmember.

If the instructor would like to offer a class to a non member that is their option.

If non members are allowed the instructor is responsible for making sure folks have signed a waiver and are accompanied by a member throughout the space. It is a great way to drive additional memberships

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That’s cool. All the throwing classes I’ve seen have always said DMS members only. I’ll look for the ones that say nonmembers and bring my sisters and sister-in-law.

It’s up the the instructors. When scheduling a class or event, they have the option to open it to non-members.

I’m pretty sure that Liam is the only one offering non-member classes. But then – those classes cost $25/person.

At this time that is correct. Periodically other instructors do offer non member classes.

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