What's with the stripper pole?

Is there going to be a class on how to make LED poles? Or are there going to be pole lessons? Either way, how to sign up?


That’s for midnight tetherball…


Oh… :disappointed:

I am disappoint.

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The pole was made by a member @Kevin and he has a business making them. I’m sure he giving you more details.

There are pole dancing competitions that include me in that is not just strippers and it has started to become a popular method of exercise for some women that want to be flexible have fun doing it. I don’t think it’s what I would do but of course I was a lady who bought heavy weapons in the sca in different type of fun exercise for me. I’ve seen some videos of some of the people doing it and it’s amazing amount of flexibility and movement it’s like a type of gymnastics in many ways just disgraceful and exciting even when they got all the clothes on. In fact I think taking off their clothes with the scrap from the beautiful movements a game

Thanks! I’d like more information.

I PM’d you
Love your enthusiasm :slight_smile: