What's Up With Pickles?

No, not Buddy Sorrell’s never-seen wife. I mean jars of pickles you buy in the store…is there a brand out there anymore that you don’t have to gnaw through like a beaver with a log?

I like Best Maid, myself, and they are based in Fort Worth. You can go check out their Pickel Emporium on the south side of Downtown Fort Worth.


My favorites are Bread & Butter or Lime Pickles (lime as in the canning chemical not citrus).

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Look for the gherkins. They come in both sweet and dill. You may have to look around a bit, as the kosher gherkins aren’t stocked by the less ambitious stores.

I used to work for a food broker, and getting shelf space for something different is killer!

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Try buying sandwich slices - typically available in dill or bread&butter. They’re thin, lengthwise slices of pickles so there is very little skin on any individual slice. Believe it or not, I’ve found the Aldi brand, the Walmart brand, and the Kroger brand to all be good.

(They’re usually not rippled but that’s the only photo I could find).


I don’t think many other national brand pickles can beat a refrigerated Calussen Kosher Dill (and they also do spears and sandwich slices).

At least their spears have the problem I am griping about. (it’s been suggested to trie gherkins or slices.) A lot of this is recent in last two years or so…I’d never had a problem with Clausen or Boars Head or the one or two other brands I’d enjoyed up until recently. But again, my experience/OP is with respect to spears.

Is it the skin that’s too tough or the entire pickle?

I wonder if water shortages are changing the cucumbers somehow?

just the skin. I’ve never made them, so not sure if problem has to do with how long/short a time they are “pickling” for, or if ingredients have been affected by who-knows-what, or if water as you are indicating. May how they are transported and stored? But whatever it is, I’ve tried almost every typical one out there and it is a problem, at least for me. Every so often I get a good jar where they are crisp or at least bite-through-able, but that’s more the exception nowadays for me. But it is clear that “good” pickles are to be had, even if at random.

I get the Vlasic baby koshers if we get a jar. These days I get the “Oh Snap” spicy pickle slices.

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Actually, I haven’t bought pickles in years.
I make my own.

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That’s helpfuil…thanks.

Lol, do what I can.

However, down at Jimmy’s food store at Bryan and Fitzhugh, they do have some really good pickles if you want to try them out.

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Ahhhh Jimmys…I haven’t tbeen there in ages! I used to go there for lunch and get a sandwiche made fresh at their counter when I worked at Cityplace. Great food! Thanks for the reminder.

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Jimmy’s is one of my favorite places.

Get a glass of red while you’re walking around, order a sandwich at the back for lunch and when I’m still in the area, I’ll swing over to Dallasite for dinner.

And as coincidence would have it, just last night @Julie-Harris posted on FB about Pickletopia, which is very close to Jimmy’s. It’s a shop with nothing but pickled stuff:


There is also an outfit called Glorious Gherkins but I know nothing about it.

Dang. I was geared up for a comics convo…

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Wiejske Wyrobi pickles are pretty good if you can find them. They used to be available everywhere but I think they may be at Sams Club.

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Am I the only one who thought about this?

H-E-B’s Pickle-Me-Dilley hamburger dill slices are the bomb.

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