What's Cooking: Summer-long Feast Edition!

It’s that time of year again, when people start doing cookouts, BBQ’s and dinner parties. Show us your best summer recipes and culinary creations!

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Made two different kinds of hummus.
The blue bowl is a traditional version with fresh garlic shoots instead of garlic cloves.
The yellow bowl is mixed with harissa, Aleppo pepper and preserved lemon.


Swediah pea soup from scratch.
Made the ham stock yesterday and started soaking the beans then too.
Aside from the peas it’s got carrots, onions, thyme oregano and of course the meat from the ham bone.


I have been trying to stretch myself and cook with one hand from this wheelchair, I have made cupcakes in small batches. I make the cake dough and freeze what I’m not going to use for later then when I make the cupcakes I use dark chocolate bars and put them on the top melding into the cakes while it is still hot, then I let them melt in and spread them as if they were frosting. I am told by others that the results are pretty good then I have it down.


Still making sourdough bread sporadically. I’ve kept the starter going for nearly three years, despite considerable neglect (4+ weeks w/out feeding on occasion). Still makes tasty bread. I usually bake three loaves and give two away to neighbors.


Dude that looks like something from a celebrity french bakery Instagram channel! You must have happy neighbors,


Spanish torta (potato omelette) with garlic sauce.

Plates and bowls by @Anette_Henningson


@jast let me know about this thread, I had made these cakes for the kilns and cakes day in ceramics :slight_smile:

My personal favorite is the Santiago de Compostela cake, which happens to be gluten free and packed with protein. Me and my husband had this when we were walking Camino Frances in Spain, and many of the albergues serve this on the last portion of the trail once you enter Galicia. It’s meant to get the hikers through that final portion, and it was one of my favorite foods we had during the 40 day trek.

Here’s the recipe for anyone interested:

2 cups ground almonds (should be fluffy like flour, if it’s pasty it’s been ground too much)
1 and 1/4 cup sugar
5 eggs
Lemon zest (about half a large lemon or whole small lemon)
1 tsp ground cinnamon (or a bit more if desired)
1 tablespoon of orujo, grappa, brandy, or vanilla.

  1. Preheat to 350
  2. Beat egg and sugar until pale, creamy (light ribbon stage)
  3. Add lemon zest & the tablespoon of alcohol (or vanilla)
  4. Fold in almonds and cinnamon
  5. Put into a greased and floured 10 inch pan (springform is good, but if you only have a cake pan, cut a circle of parchment at the bottom to easily remove it from the pan once it comes out)
  6. Bake 28 minutes, toothpick test, if it needs more time then cover with foil and bake another 8-10 minutes
  7. Allow to cool and then de-pan, decorate with powdered sugar and eat!

Love that we have a thread for food on here!


I was accidentally perusing the bulk-buy stuff at the WinCo up at Josey and the Bush, and they had almond flour. Plus some other non-wheat flours.


I made Zereshk Polo ba Morgh with Maast e Khiar. It is a spatchcocked chicken marinated in saffron and advieh (spice mix) served with candied barberry rice and cucumber yogurt.


That looks amazing

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Alton Brown’s chicken and 40 cloves

I’m now making chicken stock from the bones.

This kitchen will be vampire free for quite some time!


Mushroom risotto
Home made chicken stock
Dried portobello mushrooms
Dried chanterelles
Fresh button mushrooms
Arborio rice


Another sourdough bake, using a starter that I revived from the back of the refrigerator after being neglected for 4-5 months. Usually only takes 5 rescue feedings to save just about any (non-moldy) starter. This starter’s been going for 2 years, and has various flours from all over the U.S. Used Barton Creek Mill flour for the bake.


Those look fantastic. Are you baking it in a regular oven or do you have a special bread oven?

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The answer is…both? “Let me explain. No, there is not enough time. Let me sum up…”

I use this in a regular ol’ oven…


The ultimate summer soup: vichyssoise. I loosely follow Bourdain’s Les Halles recipe.

You have to eat it fast before it gets cold :wink:

If you don’t like this then there’s something wrong with you. Final answer.


We decided to cook mushrooms on a new griddle, but it’s apparently haunted because chicken blood started coming out of the top. Anyone know how to do an exercising? Or Ghostbusters number? Should we sell the house and move?

Asparagus were good.


That’s asparagi, sir!

(Perhaps maybe not)


Had a white spinach lasagna at a restruant I went to for my husbands birthday, wanted to recreat as a baked ziti to make it easier, and had to make some home made caesar to go along with it.