What's Cooking? November 2021

Make us drool with your successful dishes. We’ll commiserate with your failures.

Pics/recipes appreciated!

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Sous Vide steak and sautéed mushrooms.


Love the fall season especially when it starts to get rainy and colder thats when we whip out grandma’s chili


Puff pastry, asparagus, and Havarti cheese baked and then drizzled with a honey cardamom glaze (not shown) and served with over-easy eggs.

Delicious but not exactly low-fat.


Looks and sounds excellent! That’s probably because it’s high-everything-tasty. Fat… carbs… protein…

Edit: Actually, that might make a decent low-carb meal. In my teen years, my mom and I went on a low-carb – NOT keto – diet. I’m thinking that 2 puff-pastries should be the equivalent of 2 slices of bread, carb-wise. That should make that about 20 grams of carbs, and it was a 60 gram per day diet…

That’s very close: nutrition label says 13 grams for 1/6 of a sheet. I used 1/8 per serving, or ~9.75g each. That, plus 1-1/2 tsp of honey adding another 8 grams (but could be subbed or scrubbed).

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Homemade Chicken and Sausage Gumbo with rice.


After 14 days of curing, the Coppa is ready for 6-8 weeks of dry curing. Looking for a 30-35% weight loss.

Damn I hate getting Jet net on straight.


Marcella Hazan’s Almond Cake from her “The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.”
Almonds + sugar + orange zest pulverized in a food processor, then folded into egg whites which had been beaten to stiff peaks. Kind of an angel food cake with crushed almonds throughout?

Meant to be served plain, no frosting, so I usually dust it with powdered sugar to improve the presentation. It’s so wonderful, it deserves to be dressed up. So I made this design, found some blanks at Michael’s and used our Cricut to make a stencil. It’s a love offering to a recipe that has fed guests for over 25 years, my go-to “company’s coming” cake. Accompanied with homemade gelato, because gotta do something with the egg yolks.


Clarified milk punch. I got the recipe from Alton Brown. It’s a great holiday drink.

I’ve seen some people making clarified margaritas, I may have to give it a try in the spring.


Buttermilk pie!


Chocolate and ginger refrigerator roll


So, yummy!

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Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Turkey (cooked in a browning bag)
  • sour cream mashed potatoes
  • green bean casserole
  • sausage dressing
  • broccoli cheese casserole
  • carrot soufflé
  • cranberry jello salad
  • chocolate chip pumpkin pie for dessert



Some highlights from today’s Friendsgiving party at the space!

A huge thanks to everyone who brought dishes. I didn’t get pictures of everything but it was quite a spread!


Oreo turkey!

my mom swears I made these up in first grade but I’m very sure she brought the idea home and showed us.

results Pic first.

supplies needed
double stuff Oreos - 1 cookie per turkey
candy corn - 5 pieces per
Hershey kisses - 1 per
chocolate frosting - 1 can will go a long way (not whipped frosting)
red decorating gel
muffin baking tray

separate out all your bits

split some oreos. filling side will be used as the base. try to split them with a twist so they are as clean as possible on the tops

add thin layer of chocolate frosting to the “clean” side of the Oreos you just split.

add Hershey kisses, just off center so there’s some room for the he candy corn later, but not all the way down on the bottom of the Oreo

add candy corn in a fan shape

smoosh the decorated tops onto the bases at a 90° angle with about 1/4 of the circle sticking out the back.

add red decorating gel as eyes and a waddle, with practice you can get the waddle to just hang off the tip. it’s been a while since I made them so I lost my touch, and I guess if it’s too hot in the kitchen the gel gets runny. failure results in turkeys that look like they have a bloodlust.

getting candy corn seems to be the biggest hurdle to making these, that’s why I only made 10 for friendsgiving. limited amounts of candy corn. so plan ahead if you want to make these with your kids


Haven’t been shopping for candy corn this year, but last year, Dollar Tree had entire shelves full of leftovers in the weeks following Halloween…might need to be an early bird for t-giving, latebird for Halloween to get that one on hand on the cheep?
PS My dad had one of these on hand for a disturbing number of years following it being gifted to him. They used full oreos for base and standup…I like the unlidded better, though!

I’ve seen some full Oreo based ones with Reece’s peanut butter cups as the tail with candy corn on them, but man that’s a lot.

I like the unlidded ones better too, even those end up being like triple frosting + a bunch of candy crammed in

Working on a stock from my turkey bones. It’s one 8lb Greenberg smoked turkey carcass, rough chopped potatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, peppercorns and onion.

It will boil for at least 8 hours to get everything out of the bones.