What we will do on the last day of my Marquetry Class

Day 3 of my 3 day Marquetry class is a real revelation. All your hard work is funneled into this one last day. First we will spend time learning how to do sand shading to give our Marquetry depth, life and realism and the BIG Wow factor. I will then teach you the pitfalls and how to make repairs before we glue up our piece. Once we have all of this done I will show you how we properly glue up the Marquetry and how to properly use the Vacuum press to get the best possible results. While in the press (Aproximately 3 hrs) we will discuss various tricks for decretive Veneering and the making of beautiful veneer borders as well as how to incorporate the Marquetry panel into box’s and furniture. When the glue is dry we will take the Marquetry out of the press and I will show you how to properly remove the tape and glue squeeze out from the piece without damaging it. After that we will sand it with various grits 120-220gt and I will teach you another round of repairs and pitfalls then we will put a thin coat or two of dewaxed shellac on the Marquetry and learn more repair secrets then more Shellac then I will show you how to do a lacquer or an Osmo finish before we adjourn. My students with their project photos are usually featured in the American Marquetry Society’s quarterly magazine “The American Marqueterian “ a national publication. I hope to see you at the class, it’s going to be an absolute blow you away event you will be able to practice well into your old age. I am proud to say that 100% of my students have given two thumbs up to my class. Happy Trails! Come join us it’s going to be a blast.


Man this was One the best, if not THE best classes I’ve seen occur at DMS. Beautiful work.

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Thank you Tom for the kind words I’m humbled. I’m also very excited to bring this to DMS. One if your members took my class recently I. Austin and asked if I would be interested to teach there. I hope this works out.

I’m definitely interested if you offer it again.

Edited: Just saw you are offering it early Sept. Cool!

I also want to take this class - but I have a little one (9 and curious) would you be ok if he participated as well (I would pay for him) it’s ok if it’s a no

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Thanks Tommy I hope to see you soon

Wayne Delyea

I wish I could say yes but insurance only allows us to accept students 18 yrs or older. I would love to have you there it’s a blast.

Wayne Delyea