What tool do I need to learn to use to cut some copper/brass conduit in half?

I want to take some copper plumbing (I guess?) conduit and cut it down the middle to turn an inch diameter circle into two ~0.5 in semi-circles. For wood I’d do this with a bandsaw but not sure what to use in the Metal Shop. Nothing I see seems appropriate for the job.

I do know that machine shop has a metal band saw, maybe that will work. @Team_Machine_Shop, any advice?

So you want to cut tube lengthwise down the center?

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The band saw (for metal) in the machine shop. Get a piece of flat wood stock (a 3/4" thick, 3" wide would suffice) of an appropriate length, route a semicircle, or even a “V”, of appropriate cross section lengthwise, clamp the pipe in place as needed, and Bob’s your uncle.

I don’t think there is an issue with using wood on occasion for this on this saw, right @tbjk?

NBs: *board is sacrificial; *you may need to turn off saw and adjust clamping as needed; *clean up the wood chips/dust as well as possible afterward.

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As long as it’s cleaned up there is no problem.

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Hmm. Is there enough clearance behind it to cut a 6 foot tube? I’ve seen a bandsaw in machine shop but it was kinda jammed into a corner IIRC.

Are there any special considerations for a metal cutting bandsaw? Do I need to oil/lube the blade like with the horizontal band saw?

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IIRC, there is a stick of some waxy lube that you should use on the blade. It’s kinda like a huge crayon. It will be OK on either wood or metal.



The band saw in the Machine Shop or the Well Saw in the metal shop Are able to cut brass very nicely. I have never cut copper on these, but it should work.

If the piece is too long for passing through these saws, the cold saw can cut brass tube having at least a wall thickness of 1/8". The cold saw will crush thin wall material and then damage the blade once it gets caught in the pinched material. Copper might gum up that saw. Then there is always the big ass vice and a hack saw.



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I perceive he doesn’t intend to cross-cut it. I perceive he intends to rip it lengthwise …

That’s the intent yes.

The bandsaw in Machine Shop would work fine for it. Just because there is stuff around it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used.

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