What To Search For to Find This Kind of Material

Anybody know/care to share what one shops for if one is seeking this kind of material?

(Image lifted from this craigslist ad, but…) This kind of material is used in all sorts of applications, from floors/decking to rollback towtruck beds, and, well, as we see here, ramps/equipment for material handling/truck loading… I just don’t know what I’d be searching for if I wanted to find plates of this material for things OTHER than finished goods containing it. “Aluminum corrugated” isn’t quite the same thing because this isn’t exactly corrugated. “Aluminum decking” finds it as part of pre-made decking panels for warehouses/factories/industrial buildings, usually, but not just panels of the stuff as a “sheet good”. Y’know, like “aluminum diamond plate”, but this stuff.

Thank you for reading!

Looks like an Aluminum Van Walk Ramp.



As I look at it, it appears to be wood with metal paint on it.

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Its an aluminum extrusion.

Here is some at Northern



A couple of non slip truck floor extrusions here:



I still don’t really think things like this

are constructed in sections <18"; usually we would see the welds if they were, or I would expect to easily discern the “keys”, if they were not of singular construction…

Thank you for all the responses!

It is really difficult to find photos of the underside of a rollback bed. But here is a thumbnail screen of a repair advertising video:


Link to that video

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So you are looking for aluminum decking. It could be extruded but most likely roll formed. It can also be tongue and groove or friction/ultrasonic welded.

The bigger question is how much you need of it?

If I search for Aluminum trailer decking things like this come up:


Waldo says the decking answers are right…

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