What to do with an old iPad

I have an old iPad mini 1st Gen 16gb tablet in great working condition. What can be done with it since it no longer runs any apps?

Edit- I know I can get like $20 for it on eBay but I was curious what others do with old devices.

I’ve used them for home automation displays. Essentially, as long as the browser works you can open the site on your home automation, in my case a Hubitat system, and display your console.

I actually used Amazon Firetablets for mine, but the same principle applies for iPads. I used existing cotrol cables from the old security system and applied a voltage on them from an old Dell power supply, then used a converter USB plug


used in boats to regulate the voltage to 5V DC to power/charge the tablets. There is plenty of current from the power brick to power the Konnected controller, alarm horn and the tablets. I used this to charge my backup battery, too from the same Dell power brick.


Works for me.


You can use it as a “light-board” / platform for my disco lights:

I’d add that it’s a rechargeable battery power source too. Then you can stick a fan into it, as shown in the second link below.


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