What to do when you break the Leigh jig

#1 admit it and tell someone, don’t just casually put it back in the box
And 2# what were you doing that snapped a piece of cast iron? There not dent or ding so it wasn’t dropped, there’s no router bit marks so it wasn’t a router mishap, what happened to where a piece surrounded by a bunch of other parts that guard it got snapped off, and then why didn’t you say hey I messed up can we order this part @IanLee or @Andy can we order the left side lumber stock support for the Leigh jig?

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Get me a part number and if it’s not too expensive I’ll get it taken care of.

So we need (1) 291 and (1) 292

From their site:

NOTE: When ordering parts, please quote the jig model, serial number, part number, part description and quantity required. Pay particular attention to the scale measurement, inch or metric.

Can you get me that info and I’ll call and get a quote?

So here’s the news that’s gonna hurt a couple of us pretty bad, so as it turn out, Leigh doesn’t actually even make or use the type of side supports that ours has anymore, they’ve completely redesigned and incorporated the side supports into the clamps which ours has each as an individual component completely separate, so as a rep from Leigh put it, unfortunately finding some is somewhat of a lost cause because not only were they stopped being manufactured long ago they were never really a common thing to need replaced in the first place so even when in production there just wasn’t that many ones for individual purchase out there to begin with, so I’ll take one off and see if I can recreate a rendering using fusion or solid works that’s hopefully pretty similar and if it’s feasible we can either hopefully have someone machine it at the shop, or maybe get it machined elsewhere cause from what I’m finding, us getting a replacement is probably just not gonna be possible


If you know the model number, is it possible to find a used one on Ebay that could be cannibalized for parts?

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Unfortunately the quality of Leigh jigs makes the used price really unfeasible cause unless it’s an absolutely destroyed one they generally go for anywhere around 200-400 used

@IanLee so this may or may not be needed to be voted on at the next meeting, but basically to fix the one we have currently were looking at having to get 2 copies machined which given we don’t have a 3d scanner it’d be easier to just send them the parts (we have 1 intact one of each one needed) and machine them which I haven’t actually gotten quotes but just knowing machineing and not having a cad file we could be looking in the 100 per piece range maybe more maybe a little less, so 200-250 ball park not including shipping, or used ones of comparable models sell for the 200-400 range, so Im not partial to either way but those are our options as of now