What should we name the new lasers? [Poll]


I have compiled all of the suggestions with at least one like, and excluded difficult names to spell.

  • Zap, Pew 1, and Pew 2
  • Zuul, Venkman, Egon
  • Thunder, Donner, Blitzen
  • Zeus, Apollo, Ares
  • Larry, Moe and Curly
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop
  • Bart, Lisa, Homer
  • It doesn’t matter to me
  • CowboyNeal

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My suggestion has two likes. I think you missed it.


Apparently I can’t edit the post after 5 minutes, an admin would have to add it now.


@Team_Moderators can we sticky this post for a bit? Maybe a day?


Wouldn’t we just sticky the original thread, asking for names input?


This poll is not official in any way and the outcoming is not binding fyi. I was looking for suggestions in my thread for the laser committee to consider, not for Talk members to decide for us.


Oh, I agree it isn’t binding… I’m not even on team_laser :wink:

I thought it might be fun to see what people wanted in a poll. I guess I should have stated that it is merely an easy way to say me too!

Server names, device names, etc are always fun. It would be fine if they were named Laser McLaserface1,2,3 =)


Whatever names the Laser Committee chooses, please have them be logical and pronouncable.



Vdrjqzeeeieokveq (Please include the 5 implied glottal stops.) fire slayer of all that is cellulose

(Intended as humor.)


What about Icelandic volcano names?

Lýsuhóll, Öræfajökull, and Prestahnúkur


Gads! I hope not for the lasers. But that gives me some ideas for the PlasmaCAM. Isn’t Björk Icelandic…?


I like Larry, Moe, Curly and if needed Shemp.


Never Shemp. Or CurlyJoe. Might as well have Tanya Roberts as one of Charlie’s Angels…

Oh wait…


What about Rick, Morty, and Mr. Poopybutthole?


How about Vulcan, Minerva and Bacchus. Roman gods of craftiness (and parties)


Or Goddesses of the hearth fires. (Has anyone else noticed that Laser invites spontaneous gathering? We’re strong with the hospitality and when the blower is fired up, it’s like a signal for folks to come see what’s being made. The area is quiet enough for conversation; visitors don’t interrupt makers as our attention is suppose to be on the laser, not design work; not a high-risk area safety-wise; near a high traffic area, and the laser at work is mesmerizing.)

Pele (Hawaii), Brigid (Ireland - also of poetry, arts, and crafts. Bonus!), Hestia (Greek)

Or Goddesses of arts and crafts? Athena, Minerva, & Brigid


Next poll:

Which spelling of Donner and Blitzen should we adopt?

Dunder / Donder / Donner
Bliksem / Blixem / Blitzen

We need to form a nominating committee to nominate members of a committee to decide.

Then there’s the issue that Thunder and Donner/Donder/Dunder mean the same thing…



for the love of all things, just dont call it the donald


When the name Donner comes to mind, I don’t think of the reindeer. Donner party comes to my mind.


Well, you could use the lasers to sear your meat before you chow down…


I’d suggest Thunder, Lighting, and Storm. Simple and easy. Not fancy or complicated.

Thunder would be obvious. Lightning would be the one closest to Thunder. Would need a sign on Lightning and Storm.

Just my one cent worth submitted to the laser committee for consideration.