What should be setup in Digital Media as standard?

What should be the standard setup for Digital Media?

If we were to clean up and reset Digital Media, what should be out and available?
What should be put up?

Workstations, Camera Equipment, Mixers, Music Keyboards, Green Screen, Seating, etc?

There is only so much room for things to be out. I think @thespacemaker is wanting to only have camera and filming stuff out as default. I think some music equipment should be easily available.

It would be expected that if you are going to rearrange and bring things out that you reset it back to this setup when you are finished. What should this setup be?

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I love digital media. I tried to stay on the committee. It was ouchie.

Honestly, it turned out to be two great computers for a couple of people to commandeer for several hours as private workstations. And then sometimes the room was shut out for claymation. And then there were all the auditions.

I would have really used a spot for podcasting/videocasting. I know a guy was doing some digital recording.

Not sure you’ll get a real answer. Like everything else at DMS, what it needs to be is whatever that individual wants at the moment. If at all possible, though, might I encourage a couple of booths within the room? I think it feels like something that could be accomplished. It’s a shame to lose the setup for three or four days at a time for projects when all a member needs is a sound protected spot for a half hour podcast.


The current expansion plans include a sound booth/room attached to the new Digital Media room.
A good one person stand alone sound booth is large, heavy and expensive. 2 would easily occupy most of the DM room.

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What makes it heavy and expensive? I’ve seen professional podcasters use rug, curtains or colored egg cartons in a checkered pattern to control echo and reduce noise.

Walking into that room, the sound is like night and day. What else needs to be considered?

Also check out the Jupiter Broadcasting podcast network for some great shows. I’m a happy long time listener.

I would think the committee would be the best to ask and answer this kind of question. If there is something you wanted to be made available it would be easy enough to ask the committee or go through @thespacemaker as chair.

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I am addressing the committee with my post.

That works well for one person/group recording. Will not work for multiple projects at same time. I worked for a nonprofit that read/recorded printed material into digital. We had 6 professional recording booths lined up for volunteers to read and record. I can tell you from first hand experience they are very heavy and difficult to disassemble/move and reassemble. Some of our volunteers that read at home used a closet and had excellent results.

With limited space and resources, one has to figure out a way to be able to multitask those resources.


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