What Linux distro are you using and why?

Couple of days back I started using Linux Mint. I just updated and it crashed (and guess thats one of the major complaint with Ubuntu). I see my boot and filesystem mounted. Not sure if its bad or good, it did crash my network (drivers). Looking for some good feedback on other Linux Distro for Desktop use.
My primary use

  1. A little python coding (anaconda package) for ML
  2. Firefox
  3. Thunderbird
  4. DBs - MariaDB/Postgre
  5. GPG
  6. Webserver

My personal preference is anything Debian-based, simply because that’s what I’m used to.

I personally love ZorinOS, mainly because of how ridiculously stable it is, and how customizable it is.

The only downside is that the full version is $39, but I can say from experience it’s totally worth it.

Oddly that’s not something typical with Ubuntu and derivatives like Mint; the way you describe it just sounds like you have a driver problem

As for distros I use I have a handful, but most commonly for desktop usage I’m either using CentOS for rock stability and ready to go packages, or I’m Using Arch to stay lightweight and fast.
Typically I’ll use either the i3 window system rather than a desktop, or I’ll use KDE (followed by gnome if I must)

I bounce around depending on specific needs. Linux Mint is probably my favorite but I also use CentOS and Ubuntu.

Did you manually install any drivers on your system that broke? I would figure out why it broke because it might not have anything to do with the distribution you’re using.

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I just did apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, not sure what broke it.
No drivers were installed manually, all were right out of the box.



I once ran into a similar problem; it turned out the Nvidia driver included in the apt repo was not behaving correctly with my system. I ended up installing it manually (downloaded from Nvidia’s website) and the instability was fixed.

You did not say what the symptom of the crash was, but I bet when you booted up after doing apt-get upgrade, Cinnamon was broken and all you could get to was a terminal. Mint customizes Cinnamon, and I have had an apt-get upgrade break it. Try reinstalling and using the built-in Mint update/upgrade utility.

FWIW, the North Texas Linux Users Group offers help with Linux installations and configuration on the third Saturday of each month, at DMS.

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you do realize that the linux mint team is, quite literally, the team that writes Cinnamon, right? They wrote Cinnamon for linux mint since they didn’t like GNOME moving away from the desktop model in favour of the shell.


Note, that isn’t a fork. It’s unlikely cinnamon itself that’s broken here.

EDIT: also, holy crap Chuck got on talk!


When the upgrade was done, I saw boot and filesystem still mounted and my network not getting connected.

You still haven’t clarified; are you booted into the desktop, or is it crashing into a CLI?