What is this wood?

Can anyone identify this wood?

Picked this up from a curb. All I have are pictures of the bark and dessicated leaves.

And here is a pic of the insides. It is really white.

Finally, if it helps, the center throughout has rot in it with some hollow sections.


My guess would be maple

The white wood and the bark suggest holly, but the leaf says maybe not.

judging by the rot through the center I’d say fire.

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I didn’t think of holly but yea maple or holly! Are you interested in selling any or just looking for an id?

Bark and wood look like magnolia - the rotted leaf maybe, kind of, sort of looks like a well rotted magnolia. It’s hard to tell from pictures.

That sounds good. I knew that leaf wasn’t any of the other options, and the bark isn’t quite right for a sweet-gum. The leaf looked a bit like an oak…

There was an artist who was a member of the Dallas Area Woodturners group, he was giving a talk and showing off a bowl he had made, I think someone asked what kind if wood it was, he said he really didn’t know, he picked it up on a curb, like alot of the wood he worked with, it was pretty white, he couldnt just call it white wood, so he called it Blanco Wood, and that seemed to satisfy his customers. Everyone laughed.

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The article kinda points to the same thing even at the very most experienced level wood Id is still as the article put it “a crap shoot” lol

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I think its Fog wood.

Just looking for an ID

I think holly is right. The other pics I’ve found of holly, the bark and the description of having a bunch of long skinny branches off a main branch fits with what I have.

Thanks y’all

My guess would be hackberry. It has kinda corky looking bark and oval leaves.

Pics from the Intertubes:



And maybe. I do have some hackberry I haven’t fully processed. The one piece I did cut into had a bunch of splatting so couldn’t really check the inside grain. All part of the fun.

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Hackberry is also known as “poor man’s ash”. Similar pale color, but coarser when carved/turned.

It’s native to this area: I’ve seen it in the woods around Lake Lavon.

Wood magazine as a good article on it:


This is 100% hackberry.


I agree with Mike it is definitely Hackberry. @PearceDunlap cut one down and it looked identical to me.

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@Lloyd_Plum would know better than most of us.


I’ve milled more than I care to admit.

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