What is the Rotary Status for the laser?

What is the status of the rotary? It looks like it’s been down for a few weeks. Do you need help getting it back online? I am not on the committee but I have electronics and mechanical experience.

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A replacement has been approved and requested to be purchased. My understanding is it’s been in the hands of a purchasing officer for a while.


I received the order ~2/13/19.
Ran into minor problem placing order.
Resolved - placed order this mrng.
Sales tax exempt.
Don’t have ETA - guessing nxt wk.


Thank you!

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Awesome… Thank you!

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We are also attempting to repair the current rotary tool, so we might have two of the chuck types if we can get it fixed.


Is it a motor issue or controller problem?

@talkers leading the repair efforts of the current rotary took he would know best.

Cool thanks @JoshW,

@talkers if there is anything I can do to help let me know.

Their support agreed we needed a new motor. I haven’t heard back from them on placing an order… I’ll follow up and loop @artg_dms to purchase.

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Following up here.
Did Laser receive the new rotary tool?

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Once it is back in service, will there be a class on how to use it? Or is it part of the normal laser class now? (it wasn’t when I took the class but I can think of many uses for it).

As it is a special add on to laser ir requires a separate class I think @talkers likes to impart his knowledge on the rotary but is waiting for the new one or parts to come in.

the class is not required. But if you take my class, I share the many ways I have messed up on the using the rotary.

the wiki does have instrustrions as well.

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We have received the new rotary we ordered as a spare and will make sure everything is working today at our laser maintenance day. We are still working on getting the old one fixed also.


@sixvolts Sweet. Thanks for letting us know.

The we tested the new rotary during maintenance today and found an issue. I’ve checked all the dip switches and they match the old unit AND our wiki. Unfortunately, the Y axis on the new rotary turns in the same direction no matter which way Y is moved. So if you press up, it turns the same direction as when you press down. We tested on Big Thunder and Blitzen and both had the same issue.

We’ve left the new rotary under the desk and marked it for you. Can you take a look and see if we are missing anything?


@darrent Feel free to look at this as well.

Has there been any progress on the new rotary?

This might contain pertinent info: