What could the new woodshop use?


Yes there are, as well as you can just custom cast your own glow in the dark powders into resin blanks.


I think the only problem with the idea is resin doesn’t turn into dust the way wood does on a lathe. I wonder if wood can be stabilized with some kind of black light sensitive dye.


I wasn’t really suggesting we go through with that as an experiment as @Diplomat suggested, just saying it can be done fairly easily. I bet that we could also stabilize wood with UV pigment.


There was a programmer that designed his kitchen using logic. Everything got a value and dependencies. Guess what the most important item was in the kitchen?

The trash can.

If you are cleaning out the frig, the waste goes in the trash can. If you are prepping dinner, the waste goes in the trash can. Clean up after dinner, the waste goes in the trash can. It was a fascinating article.

He made the center of his kitchen an easy access trash can and everything else was concentric around it.

I searched for the article. I got kitchen CAD software and programming design principles. I need to remember the programmers name.

Perhaps, a similar exercise would be beneficial for arranging the machines in the Woodshop.


Reminds me of this joke:


The difference is the woodshop has dust collection that picks up the majority of the trash automatically at each point of dust creation, and will do so multitudes more efficiently with our new dust collector. If the kitchen had waste removal directly from the fridge, prep area, and everywhere else, as long as the tubing was efficient, the trash/dust collector does not need to be the central point.


Cairen - something like the Robust Scout? - would be a good idea to get this instead of another Powermatic (in the future)…http://www.turnrobust.com/lathe-overview/scout/

In the meantime, lets see what we can do to help you out? Do you need an adjustable stool, would that help?


@Michael_Chang - the problem with the floor sweep vents is that users will assume that is the best way to get rid of all the sweepings - something we want to discourage - a good old fashioned broom and dust pan are still the best.

Additonally, there is a need to get in and around machines - something that you really do need floor vacs for. the current plan, though, is he one’s we do have will have a dedicated home - the challenge, of course, is to get users to return them to that home.


Re: Panel saw.

Saw this at Lowe’s the other day…


FWIW Those type of panel saws never remain square are designed for extremely rough cuts on construction sites. Also contractor types are not as easy to use by one person if you are cutting 1-2 feet off one end as the extensions don’t stick out that far and it will tilt up into the blade.


being short and having bad knees is bad combo I am willing to check out things and see what will woek
I do not have to have a back

Sue can not stand either to turn and she needs back support
Her problem is a bad back (she may have to have surgery on it)

That lathe looks wonderful

Turning is on my list of things to start doing during the winter


Put one of these in. A case clamp makes quick work of squaring up cabinets and boxes. Used to love the one I had.



Any chance we could build a rolling bench that could be used at any wood lathe?


I think maximizing organization and layout to clear floorspace would be really nice. Navigating our space right now can be difficult due to the orientation of some of the machines. Floor clutter behind machines (like around the lathes and in the sanding area) makes it difficult to move things and creates areas that are much harder to clean. Proving dedicated wall space to get things off the floor (like sleds, lathe accessories, and the like) will make the shop more accessible and easier to clean. Also preventing multiple tables and areas from overlapping (like the sanding area does with lathe tools and payment kiosk) would be nice.

I also thinking finding a way to get cords off the floor would be great. The space between the two table saws, router table, and drum sander is a bit hazardous to navigate.


These look pretty interesting. Pricey but might be beneficial around lathes, spindle sander, bandsaws, etc, that create a lot of ambient dust… https://www.rockler.com/powermatic-pm1250-micro-dust-air-filtration-system

edit: I saw this in action at Rockler today. Its silent. According to the guy trying to sell it to me it moves more air per hour than the Jet overhead ones. Filter is easy to clean and sll that. Im pretty skeptical but since its Powermatic Id assume its legit. I mentioend I was a DMS member and he seemed to think we could get better pricing beyond the 10% discount they offer. But who knows…

Need to return Delta Table Saw, sander and dust collector

A system to break down sheet goods, in proximity to where the sheet goods enter DMS, would provide a real advantage to our new surroundings.

Currently we have a mortising attachment for the drill press. A dedicated mortising machine would be most welcome.

A dedicated finishing area.


A half dozen Roombas? (Sort of joking… sort of not)

Would first like to see:
A labeled and designated storage place for all supplies or tools/equipment that isn’t stationary.

Shop inventory poster listing all equipment and where it is (or where it should be).

Then think about adding new things.


Panel Saw
Large (8’x4’) vacuum bag system for veneer bonding and other large area gluing/bonding.
Prep, staging and out-feed (within reason), I like the idea of them on wheels and adjustable heights.
Pocket hole jigs