What are you asking :Santa: for?


The Magic House is also a cool interactive place for younger kids while in St Louis. I used to by season passes for my siblings families so they could take the kids there. Our Zoo is free and better than any pay Zoo I’ve ever gone to.


I’m hoping Santa has scheduled in the new year - a cycle of classes from the beginning on the Arduino and on a weeknight I can attend. Plus needle-felting on a night I can attend. I haz enough stuff… :lion:


How are you for thursdays? We (fibers) are going to try to do more alternate (non-Tuesday) nights after the turn of the year, and thursdays usually are a good day. I figure we will do needlefelting regularly since it always fills. Fun stabbing things, ya know :slight_smile:


I ordered a nice convection toaster oven today My oven doesn t work and I want a way to
really bake things And since I am only cooking for 2 this should woek fine


Well, Santa got the wife a new Dishwasher today & installed it. Had to solder on a male adapter & put a new valve on. Also had to put in a new outlet for it also.