What are you asking :Santa: for?


If only it were that simple. My yard seems to like growing volunteer trees along the fence line. (Me and weed eaters do not coexist very well). Seems like it would be difficult to keep the crappy trees at bay without also stunting the growth of vinery.


We’ve been to the City Museum! That place is well worth the visit - go go go! Ours was by total accident…

The Amtrak sleeper car on the way back to Dallas was fantastic too - I recommend that experience to everyone as long as leaving two hours late and arriving five hours late is all part of the Amtrak Experience outside of the Northeast Corridor.


BBQ it is! You need to come when the Cardinals are playing though so you can experience a Cubs/Cardinals game.


I skimmed their website and it looked amazing. I didn’t do a detailed analysis however.

For anyone who has actually been to City Museum (or has good knowledge) - what’s the youngest age child that could partake in enough activities to make it worthwhile?

Niece has three littles. I know they have some things for the smaller children but I’d hate for her to make the pilgrimage if the bulk of the activities are targeted for older children.


The City Museum is super fun! I think that’s a fantastic Christmas present. There’s stuff for everyone there! My favorites were always watching the shoe string machines and the glass blowing demonstrations…


I’ve been going since I was 7, and I’m nearly certain there were several things for children younger than me to enjoy. IIRC there was a mini “circus” inside. Also the climbing/exploring areas could last quite a while. Additionally, your niece might be interested in the St. Louis Science Center and/or the St. Louis Zoo. There are lots of fun things both of those places for children as well.


If anyone is looking for something local I would suggest http://sparkdallas.org @MellissaRhodes introduced me to this place and it’s really an amazing place on several different levels: how they operate, the budget, what they accomplish and how they do what they do.


Thanks! Niece lives outside Chicago and they have some decent museums there, but City Museum looked particularly fun.


Definitely go up in The Arch!


Oh Chicago, I love him sooooo much but he’s so brutal and dramatic.


But the Science and Industry museum is soooo cool. I went once as a little kid (younger than the little) but always remembered it. When I was back in Chicago about 30 years later, it was at the top of the to do list. Ask me about my adventure getting there, sometime.


Oh I love a good Chicago story time.
Seriously, you wanna see a different me? Take me to Chicago.


This meme resonates with my soul. My soul is an ADD A-hole though.


Individual throttle bodies.


I’m not a huge Apple fan, but an Ipad Pro with an Apple Pencil would be great. I need to learn/hone my skills at digital drawing, and the little tablet that I have isn’t doing it for me.


I hear B&H has a bit of a discount on the new iPad Pros right now, if you need to give Santa hints :smile:


Quite a few retailers have the iPads on sale including Apple, at least at one point in the past couple weeks.

I have the pro 10.5 & pencil. I don’t use it to the fullest extent it was designed for. It does charge quick to use just for a few minutes


$719 for 256GB 12.9" Pro Wifi. best price I’ve seen so far.
Costco had the 9.7 Pro @ 128GB for $350 about 3 weeks ago(but already over).


I thought I would be doodling the heck out of stuff. But finding drawing apps that are intuitive to me (operative word-me) is tough. So I’m still doodling on paper, scanning, then converting to art.


I want to get one off these world scratch off maps for XMas