What are you asking :Santa: for?


What kind of cool toys, gadgets, tools, etc. would you ask :santa: for this year?

I plan to steal your clever ideas … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m hoping Santa will offset the price tag on the new fence to be installed in my backyard.

But if I thought he might be overly generous, I’d probably ask him to help feed my newly acquired wood, resin, and leather habits.

Or $$$ to cover gas and/or tolls between Garland and DMS.


I just want a time machine - one that friggin works this time!


You mean you have a hobby of getting new hobbies! Welcome to DMS :wink:


Please join us last Thursday!



I think these game tables are really cool


I know a couple of things that make fence building go better that you can learn from TALK from this Post:
Round up a few able bodied friends /makers - woodworking tool knowledge is a plus (saw, square, pencil, etc)

These tools make the job go much much faster than with a wheeled air compressor, 50’ or 100’ of hose & a pneumatic nail gun. Ring shank, coated nails are the way to go so they don’t rust or back out.
Steel posts are a must by most codes these days.

Food and beverage (see other threads on Talk) helps …


I went @lampy, but I must have too early.


A clay trap, ceramic decal printer and possibly either a Beretta 92FS or a custom Glock.


I’m drawing a :blankspace:

I know I’d like to finish several of my projects on the list.

Typically I get what I want through out the year.


Peace, civility, volunteers at DMS
Yeah boring stuff.
Got rude look from Head Elf…:exploding_head:




I’m a fan of experiences over things - memories over money.
My sons thing will be a trip to The City Museum https://www.citymuseum.org/ for spring break so I just need to figure out how to create a set of clues that are interesting enough.

I personally don’t want a single thing to be honest.


I’m paying a professional, and reverting to chain link. Albeit, uber-classy BLACK chain link. And yes, my ‘hood is old enough that nobody looks askance at chain link. Your basic 1951 two-bedroom frame house. The city has decided that fences can’t list more than 10 degrees off perpendicular My circa 1990’s wood fence lists in a number of varying degrees. Very few of them straight up at 90 degrees.

Btw, it was nice meeting you today. Thanks for conducting ladder acquisition for me and others. Best $20 I’ve spent in awhile.


That place is on my bucket list!


New engine for my 02 SS Camaro.


Just go do it! It looks amazing.
Plus we will get @mkart to take us to bbq!



One of peeps (who got me investigating this whole Makerspace thing) is from St. Louis, and we’ve talked about a road trip together. Her mom and sister still live there, so CRASH PAD!

Another bucket list plan is driving north from St Louis through Illinois and Minnesota looking at giant things. Like the giant Redwing boot and the Jolly Green Giant.


Plant ivy along the the bottom, it grow and fill it in and make a beautiful “living fence”