What are stories from the previous move?


Calling on the wisdom of the ancients here -
Pictures, stories,’funny things, lessons, things that sucked, things you learned, and on and on and on…


Always get a truck with a lift gate. I think without that we would have died. Lift gate + pallet jack and pallets was great. And when we were done, pallet jack racing.


Plan. What plan?
If it goes, get it on the truck and drop it off in the warehouse. We’ll sort it out later.
Trail of ants someone called it.
3 - 6 months later still sorting.


Lift gate trucks are dangerous! I remember standing behind huge pieces of equipment teetering half on half off the lift gate with 6 guys pushing on it, praying the weight doesn’t shift and kill us all.

Many hands make fast work, completely unorganized, but the work was fast.

Moving is a thankless job, but so are all the other jobs around DMS, so suck it up and help.

Don’t trust the tape lines on the floor, people cheat.

Even though it is on the plan it doesn’t mean it will happen.

I guess I’m just making shirt slogans at this point sorry.


Lift gate trucks are only as dangerous as the crew operating them. I was a high school “band dad” and the kids had no safety issues loading/unloading three rental lift-gate box trucks every week. Nothing like trusting 14-year-olds to move your gear totaling a few hundred thousand dollars.

Some of the band dads had no business moving anything more valuable than a conductor’s baton, so there’s that.


Total agreement,

I guess I should of stated, Lift gate trucks are dangerous when DMS members try moving machines that don’t fit on them and think that 6 people could support the end hanging off, as long as none of the weight shifts.

We were lucky that day, the weight shift only threatened our lives, rather than taking them.

LOL, now moving DMS feels like a war story. :slight_smile:


I learned that if it’s less than 8’ long then it’ll work on a 4’ liftgate (sort of).