What are needed to use DMS lathes

I am planing to join DMS to put some threads (M12x1.5 external and 1/4x20 UNC external and internal) after cutting off work pieces from my own stainless steel tubes. I also need to turn a few steps on 2 high speed steel tool bits. Here are my questions:
(1) Can Sherline lathes make threads?
(2) Are there indexable tool holder for DMS lathes and, if so, do I need to buy my own inserts?
(3) What software package at DMS can I use to generate CNC G-codes from my Fusion 360 models?
(4) When can I schedule for a training to use the lathes?
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@medatrium, All the machines require training. Do you have experience on lathes? Due to the virus, I can not in good conscience ask those volunteers who teach to do so. They must feel comfortable enough to volunteer to teach.

The only way the Sherlines can currently do threads is with a die in the tail stock.
The majority of our tool holders use inserts. We normally have inserts but they are not 100% guaranteed to be in stock when needed.
We use Fusion 360. Now the personal version has CAM for what they explain as a limited time.

I’d normally wouldn’t mind helping you but I already have a backlog of others I need to help first.

Is either the CNC-Sherline or the CNC-Shark operational?

The CNC Sherline, we need to document & create a class for it. I will bring that up in the next Committee meeting looking for folks who want to grab that bull by the horns.

The Shark, we appear to be having software issues with the interlock. This all started when I was working on the permanent wiring for the PI. I think it corrupted the SD card. I put another card in, but without checking the card itself if it had an image.

Never thought I’d be a professional juggler.

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Thanks for the info. I had run a manual lathe back in school. Professionally, I used to be an NC programmer for jet engine blades and vanes, mostly 4- and 5-axis machining centers and some turning of vane spindles, though never needed to run the machines myself.

Are there thread dies and taps available at DMS? I think I can do the threads manually for my prototype and worry about using a lathe when I need higher quantities.

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We have taps & dies all the way to 3/4 in Imperial. The metric is hit or miss on what we have in taps. I don’t remember having any metric dies.

Good to know. Thanks. I will buy a metric set.