What 3d design software does DMS have for Multicam projects?

When I was running my one person woodworking business, I used Vectric’s Aspire software to design custom images I carved on my Multicam CNC router. This photo shows one such design that was commissioned by the Canadian Armwresting Federation to use as a presentation tray for medal ceremonies.

I need help to figure out what design software exists in the DMS offerings that can generate a similar type of carve-able model. Suggestions greatly appreciated!


Based on watching Kee @fedakkee work, I would pursue Fusion 360 as the design software to accomplish such tasks…

(but I’m probably the worst person @ DMS to make such suggestions)

I’m sure hoping there is a good alternative … I’ve attended two different Fusion 360 classes for beginners and am not sure I have enough years of life left to figure that beast out!


I think Kee is understating this. I would say it is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH higher, but then I am an old guy now!


We don’t have good 3d software. fusion is ok for work objects but you’re not going to easily sculpt a face in it. 3dmax might work but the license is out. Aspire does not have a Makerspace version.
Mudbox from Autodesk might be a good one but your video card must be very good.

Hmm, clicking LIKE doesn’t feel right since I don’t like the answer, but I appreciate the response!


Paging @tapper … He did an exquisite 3D carved item a couple years ago.

I THINK @tapper had a preexisting design and just had to “CAM it up”, and I THINK @bertberaht is mostly asking about the design side.

If I haven’t thrown in enough disclaimers: I might be wrong :slight_smile:

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I used Aspire for models (and also Vectrics exctensive 3D library). Fusion 360 is awesome, but is a steep learning curve.

It would be nice for the Space to have an Aspire license. Its pretty easy to work up models in.


I agree, but different horses for different courses. I would never use it to model Chinese dragons for instance :slight_smile:

Sometimes parametric CAD (Fusion 360, Solidworks, Inventor, FreeCAD etc.) makes sense (mechanical parts mostly).

Sometimes generic 3D editing tools make sense (Blender, 3D Studio, etc.). This is especially useful when topology is extra important (UV Mapping and animation skinning for real-time 3D for instance). Probably not crucial in this instance.

Sometimes “sculpting” makes sense (ZBrush, Sculptris, MudBox, Blender, etc.). This is good for lifelike organic looking things especially, but more like sculpting clay than “operations”.

As a final option, if @bertberaht wants to model those massive biceps, I can show up and we can use the 3D scanner for those… (cue the guy scanning saying “ok, flex now…I’m waiting…”) :laughing:


Oh sorry, the biceps is long done & gone … but hey, I might consider a good set of six pack abs. You up for that?

Six pack!? Meh…an entire keg.

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I think my favorite story about Kee, his violin development and the MultiCam router table is this.

He called MultiCam to ask a support question about the violin design. He said “I am making violins on the MultiCam” and the support person responded that that was not possible. Kee was holding a prototype in his hands.

It’s worth considering buying an Aspire license. I think the Multicam has produced enough Committee revenue, that such an investment in funds is well warranted, and would expand the utility of the machine for the membership.

And I agree with Kent - right tool for the job. Aspire has a sculpting feature that’s pretty easy to use, and also does some interesting model imports using grayscale bitmaps that can be very useful.

I would love to see Aspire here but they don’t make a Makerspace version. Their regular license only allows for it to be on 3 computers (non-server). There is also a clause that prevents license sharing. I couldn’t put my third instance on the HAAS computer due to that.
Current cost for aspire is $2k

True, but I feel certain we could find a way to make it work.

We could designate 3 computers - perhaps on carts or in the common room to have it loaded on. I for one would be happy to teach Aspire.

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We have some software with licensing like that in CA. Unfortunately it seems to think that each person’s login is a separate computer/license. We solved that by having no login on one specific computer where the software is loaded.

If that’s an issue with Aspire, we could possibly have three separate Aspire logins that can be used at only the three computers at which it is installed.

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