Well....um....ok then

Wasn’t really sure where to put this, so…here ya go.

Now, I understand that prices have been increasing, but I do believe that $1,500 for a tiny snack bag it a bit much.

Just sayin…:man_shrugging:


You didn’t hear about the snack mix shortage?


Nope, missed that one, lol

Snack mix Ti. Snack mix XT. Snack mix 5950X. All the fucking snack mix is backordered.

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Lol. I’ll trade a singular Chex for a sheet of plywood.


at least you get a sweet discount🤷🏼‍♂️

That’s some Serious Baked Cheddar!

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Everyone was buying it up to generate SnaxCoin. The market has been filled with scalpers trying to cash in on it…


For that price, does it permanently cure ED or regrow hair?


One could only hope, lol!

We’ve had something similar happen before, not sure if somebody is just making typos when pricing or what. I’ll send a note to Avanti letting them know.

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Decades ago cashiering for Target, saw something similar on a basket of strawberries - $13099; convenient that whoever typo’ed the value made it quite clear where the error was. Cashiers had the ability to discount up to 80% off, which clearly wasn’t sufficient thus a manual entry was required until someone at corporate could fix it days later.

BUT you get an 11 cent discount for using your Market Card will sure offset the price some so you’re really SAVING money…roflmao!

I reported this to Parks.

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was this the price in bitcoin?

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Not sure the display can be refreshed fast enough.

Maybe the machine though it was selling one kWh of Texas electricity.

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