Welding outside

So, to get some clarification. I got signed off for safety about a year and a half ago, but haven’t really done much welding since then. Am I still signed off to use the MIG? I have a couple of 4" long welds to do on my trailer (not safety related) and need to pull a rig out to the back to do it. What’s the process on welding outside?

If you can get the weld inside, then that would be better. If not, talk to Jim about using the welder outside, only because weld results will vary based upon type of weld and weld type.

We just switched to piped in Argon and 75/25. I think we got some rather long hoses so that we could wheel the welders out, at least to the auto bay. And, I think we’ve got a portable welding curtain so that you could weld away from metal shop. @hon1nbo?

So standard hot process rules apply. No galv or zinc, even outside. You will need to used the movable welding curtains to ensure the eye safety of others. We still have some bottles for just this case. You will need to shield the wind to keep the shielding gas effective.

We have also had folks weld in the Automotive area when doing this sort of work (e.g. trailers, bumpers, hitches). Use the portable curtains and try to schedule the work in a slack time (2am-8am?)

Soooooooooooo…. where are the portable curtains. I’m pretty sure it’ll be obvious once you tell me…

behind the door as you enter the shop, in the corner to the left of the PPE and powder coat supplies.

There are typically welding blankets sitting on top of the teaching cabinet along with an extension cord or two.


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