Welding Class materials for classes and practice


I have just come across the LINCOLN ARC WELDING FOUNDATION web site

They have a great number of resources at very good prices,
Books are lower than anywhere including Amazon and ebay.

But the kicker is for $4.50 (when you order 10 or more) they ship a set of metal pieces for learning and practicing with.
I bought 5 for myself to use.
It would be great if we added this metal sample kit to the welding class for each student.
raise the class fee by $5 if we need to.

I am even willing to order and stock the sample kits a DMS to help.


When I took the TIG welding class we were given two pieces of prepped metal to practice on. I’m not sure if they had a fee.


The TIG 101 class is $30.


I took a friend to Metals4u the other day to get some cut offs.

10 feet of 3/16x2" flat stock was $6. We cut it up into coupons for his practice.



They also have value packs where you can get 5 4’ pieces for about 20$.


Does M4U or MetalsSupermarket have cutoff bins?


yeah they both have cutoffs you can walk in and look at. M4U generally will have better deals on things like mild, and I go to supermarket for some oddball alloy stuff.


Stopped by and got a couple hand fulls of cutoffs at M4U for 10$