Welder Refresher and CNC Plasma training

@Team_Metal_Shop I got cleared on the welders a while ago, but it has been a while since I used them, and I would like to know who I could talk to about getting a refresher course. Also, who is cleared to train people for the plasmaCAM? No classes are listed on the calendar

Any specific version? MIG? TIG? Earlier, I was trying to see if there was interest for a MIG class Friday Valentine’s day, but I only got one potential nibble, so I didn’t schedule a class. I teach MIG only, but can tag the guys that teach TIG.

Or, if you’re already on the AD permissions, maybe a quick one-on-one?

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Who is up for throwing some more classes up? I’ve noticed a bit of a drop off as of late.


@coffeebean was supposed to be gearing up to teach??

probably just MIG. I’m going to be welding steel plate, so I don’t need to be particularly delicate

Yes but sadly no one has set up a class so that I can shadow them first.

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I know @tomthm was coming from Austin once a month. I wonder what the current availability is???

Unsure…but I don’t think they wants me to teach till i gets taught by professionals

I would be interested in both welding and CAM plasma cutter classes.

@dryad2b I would be down for a quick one-on-one refresher. When are you going to be at the space?

I can do one in about 10 days. Just give the nod.

@Russell_Crow throw me a DM when you put it up please?

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I would be interested in CNC plasma classes also. MIG also.

I’ll be up Feb 22 and 23. I’ll put up a Plasma class for each day.


I am very interested I both mig and cnc plasma classes and would definitely sign up. Once I got good and comfortable on them I would also be willing to help teach others.

I can’t put up the Plasma Classes in 2/22. I didn’t realize my auto-debit didn’t go through on 1/27, and my membership is cancelled. I get signed up again in March and add classes then.

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I’ll throw one up that day for the 22nd.

Everyone keep an eye out; something should hit the calendar in the next few days.


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Thanks Jim. When I get things sorted I’ll start scheduling monthly classes again.

I would be interested in metal shop training.

I can run you through the Hot Processes Safety, and MIG. MIG is a $10 class.

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