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If you want, i have a few extra characters that I have already statted up and can email the character sheet pdf to you


Hey, folks, this week, we’re taking another D&D break and playing some Call of Cthulhu. Can I get a head count so I can make sure I have enough characters made up for people to play?


Head count #1



Me! Me! Me! (but you knew that)


Count me in as well. never played before, but it looks fun


7th edition or Pulp?


It’s 7th Edition.

and some letters…


Do we get to make our own characters? Because I got the perfect one in mind, its based on a cross of Dustiness Ford Lalatina and Buffy Summers n.n


This is a playtest for something I am running at a con. I’ll be providing pre-built characters.


Found this today. Thought it looked interesting:


Never played it but definitely willing to try a new game.


Call of Cthulhu is great. It’s much more investigative and far far less hack and slash.


This going to be a one shot or ongoing game?


One shot. Testing a some material for Lonestar Game Expo.


unfortunately I can’t make it this week.


Aw, boo. Well, we will see you next time.


Play play play play!!


ah… darn but smart :slight_smile:


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