Weekend of Welding - Intro to Tig - 9/23/2022

Learn the basic techniques of welding and the science behind that blinding light and showers of sparks with this course!

You’ll be learning the basic techniques of GTAW welding and the science behind the machine so you will know how to lay a bead that both looks good and you can be proud of.

This class will cover the basics of setup, terminology, 1F position, 2F position and what to look for in a weld.

This class will have both a classroom portion and a welding portion.

NOTE: for those attending this class, please wear closed toed shoes (preferably steel toed), and natural fibers (long sleeves preferred)

Cost is $150

Class times are as follows:
Fri Sep 23 3pm — 8pm
Sat Sep 24 12pm — 5pm
Sun Sep 25 12pm — 5pm


I’m unable to make these dates, but interested in attending at some point in the future.

I’m interested. I don’t see anything on the calendar, so I will register when I see it

It was down a couple of weeks.


That’s only the first link – there are 3, and you need them all.

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works pretty well in this case.

@FriendlyTitan Thank you for using categories!

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Hello, I was interested in signing up for these classes but the event bright registration link is broken. Is there an alternative way to register/pay?

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If you read the directions, he wants to be paid as you show up.

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I’m not saying this isn’t so, but I don’t see that in any of the postings, either…
all 3 look the same in the short listing

and in the “more info” view:

And there’s the verbiage above in this thread

but I am not seeing the “bring cash” section of the directions…

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Evidently, that was the last version. It’s possible that the class is full. I know that it’s still saying “Register”, but that may be because EventBrite doesn’t report back that it’s full. I’m betting that it just refuses to take your money.

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It just says unavailable, like so, when the link is clicked

I can see others of these classes DID stipulate “cash @ time of service”:

Maybe Atlas is trying something different…(Maybe Atlas won’t be bothering with THAT again…? )


Thanks for your replies. I did see the instructions on the older postings, I just figured they were outdated. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for future classes, then.


Hello, I apologize for the late replies as I didn’t see this. I was unaware that the link was broken. If you are wanting to register for the class please do so normally through the calendar event page. Cash is still acceptable as a payment method for the class at the start of the class


No worries, I’m glad to know there are spots available.

Is there another entrance I need to use? Someone let me in the lobby but I cant get further without a badge