Wed. Thurs. or morning availability to teach?

Hey y’all!

I’m wondering if people go up on Wednesday’s or Thursday’s (I’m also available in the mornings up until noon) and would be willing to teach me some things. I usually work in the afternoons and wouldn’t be able to come to most if not all of the beginner or other classes.



What do you want to learn about?

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Presumably blacksmithing.

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Are you needing tool sign-offs, or just looking to expand your knowledge?

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Well… All of the above. I want to make knives and other blades. But I have talked to Brad Sims, and he told me that if I want to learn to forge knives that I should learn to forge other things first. I have no problem with that but my ultimate goal are blades of various types. I would ultimately love to get into layered steel. I am literally a blank slate here.

Sounds like you need to get the Blacksmithing 101 class first.

@brsims any chance on getting these earlier in the day? I’m going to start being around quite a bit more in the near future if you need to train more teachers too.


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I’m always up for more teachers.

I’ve been discussing things with @pilot.aaron via facebook for the last few days, and unfortunately, aside from maybe Sunday mornings for open forge, his and my schedules are pretty incompatible.

As for the knife specific stuff, I figured maybe @Troy_Barrios or @fender84 might be able to arrange to show him some basics.

How could I get in touch with @Troy_Barrios and @fender84, or are they both active on the forum?

@pilot.aaron I can meet you up there Thursday around 10-11. Does that work for you?

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If your interested in a knife making series of classes please send me a private message so I can have an idea of the number of class size

I won’t be able to make it this week. You can text me! 817.946.0513

@Troy_Barrios I texted you.

Side comment, you should go to and request member status on here so you have the green dot and see the members only areas. :slight_smile:

Didn’t get the text. Resend plz