We are in need of anvils and hammers


Does anyone have or know where we could get two anvils and several smithing hammers? We are starting out medievall plate mail classes soon and need some equipment

They are for cold working and we will need to resurface them


What kind of anvils? What kind of hammers?


I spoke to you last night about them in the metal shop. I’m hoping we can find some used anvils.


I remember you said they were for cold work. I remember you said they were flat on one end and rounded on the other. Can you tag the person who is going to lead this?

There are many kinds of anvils, many kinds of hammers. I’m asking you to spell it out to get others to understand what you are looking for and how they can help.


Also, what is your budget? This will be important.


Here are a few …

We also need a vice …



We don’t have alot of money as a committee. I’m hoping to either make some of these tools, get inexpensive ones and modify them or get them from a sale …