WD40 spray bottle

Just a random suggestion as I don’t recall us having these. Not sure if they would hold up to the rigors of how we would use them or if they would end up wasting the oil when spraying it on the cutting surface if the person isn’t careful with the amount. But they’re nice in some ways and really easy to refill. Just thought I would toss it out there. Amazon 4-pack for $14… https://www.amazon.com/WD-40-10100-Empty-Plastic-Applicator/dp/B001BY91RW/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=wd40+refill&qid=1591379779&sr=8-6

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We do not. We do happen to have WD-40 though.

Due to the fact they would be everywhere in DMS but Machine Shop. They would be convenient though.

Oh I picked up a four pack off of Amazon And I’m going to donate two of them to the Machine shop.

They will be there Monday evening just as soon as I can get there after work. Looking forward to seeing anyone that’s around.

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We need to build devices that have a battery, and ear splitting alarm, and a wifi radio. Attach one to each bottle.

So when they inevitably vanish, we send the coded signal over the LAN, and the alarm sounds.

We could even include an LED illuminated placard that says “Please return to machine shop” when activated… :slight_smile: