Wax-cast ring via Formlabs castable resin


I wanted to design a ring to print via the formlabs SLA printer, create a plaster negative and burnout the castable resin to use with rose gold. I have NO idea what i’m doing, I have no idea if there is an oven suitable for burning the resin out (according to formlabs website, it’d take about 14 hours at high temperatures), I have yet to take the metalworking safety classes, I don’t know if I’d need to go outside to do the actual casting… If anyone has any insights or tips on where I should begin and what classes I should prepare to take, I’d appreciate the advice!


I think you need to get with both 3D Fab and Jewelry. Jewelry does have a burnout oven and a metal casting system.


@nausser915 @Kati @Terrence
and I’m sure others I’m forgetting could probably give you some idea of where to start with things

tried to tag those I was thinking I remember particularly doing the casting testing, if I recall. If I’m wrong on some of them, they’ll at least know who


Burnout is slow, talk to Terry or Joseph they have more experience wit ti


Yes, we have everything you need to do this.

The Formlabs Blue Cast resin we have is specifically designed for burnout. It works OK, but the resolution is not great. However Formlabs does have a new and improved purple wax resin that works even better. Depending on what you want to make, size and type of meta, there are various ways to cast it.


Also, as mentioned above, the committee you’re interested in is Jewelry and Small Metals (on the left side in the workshop area near ceramics). Not metalworking (that’s bigger stuff and different tools)

And obviously 3D printing. I think they have an online thingy you can do to get okayed on those (someone else chime in here)


I am able to use the polyprinters and the SLA printer. I recently learned that the SLA printer can use castable resins, which I would like to try to cast a ring with! I guess what I need to figure out is the actual casting / molding / finishing, especially if i wanted to set an opal or something.


There is a Jewelry Tools Orientation class on Saturday, Sept. 15 at 12:30, that will get you use of most of the jewelry tools except the casting equipment and the hydroflux. You should take that.


Ooh! Exciting! I would love to take classes on jewelry tools, and casting / etc.

The problem is I work 12-9pm MWFS, 11-8pm U, and I go to school 6-11pm TR. Attending any set class has been a challenge for me. I had to ask to leave work 4 hours early to attend the SLA printer class. Someday though, it might just line up for me somehow… even though nobody would ever teach after 9pm…


I would not say nobody. We used to have “midnight maker” classes. They will come back if demand is apparent.


Ooh! Well, a midnight maker am I! I wake up at 11AM every day and go to bed around 2AM. That leaves about 5 hours after work every day if I want a full night of sleep, longer if it’s a school night (since I can wake up at 3PM on those days)