Wanted: Aluminum Bottles


I am looking for Bud Lite aluminum bottles or similar. I intend to make an alcohol stove or two.


Ive used regular cans for alcohol stoves before. Probably not exactly what you were wanting but I’ve done it.


Might be worth a try, but I’m not sure I’d want to depend on it to cook dinner in the backcountry.


How many do you need? I probably have a dozen or so every couple of days…I ain’t ashamed… I go to confession…


Like 4 right now. Thinking about making a class of it, though.


I can leave them for you at the space in the morning. Does that work? If you don’t have a box, on the donation shelf with your name on them? I have 5, I think… might be four… sometimes they double. In about 20 minutes I’ll have 6.


Could you put them in lost and found with my name on them? They could rightfully walk away from the donation shelf even if they have a name on them.


That’s just your vision doubling. :rofl:



Ok. I FINALLY found the lost and found. (The irony kills me!) Bottles in a Central Market paper bag with blue tape and Aron Carpa on the label… (I’m making a lot of name assumptions here.)


Oh man, memories… When my youngest was in scouting, I tried a few different DIY stoves just for fun. Then he up and quit scouts before we ever went to Philmont.

Rabbit hole begins here: http://zenstoves.net/Stoves.htm


Close enough. I’ll know who you mean.


Huh… didn’t know these were a thing…maybe I should stockpile… I could be the King of Cans! DILLY DILLY!!!