Want to sew an apron?


Wondering if anyone would be interested in sewing a simple apron for me? Would like a black canvas with a few pockets…I’m a chef and need one for the kitchen, just hate the ones on the market…


I need to make a couple aprons. A sturdy one and a kitchen one.

It’d be good fodder if anyone wanted to teach an apron project class, I’d be down for it. (Hinthint)


Could have sworn I saw @Print_Witch sewing an apron just yesterday in CA …


She was! It was prep for one of the serger classes.


So I was looking at patterns, and this was the “page”. Looks like an easy cut…

Does that look like a good basis for the aprons folks want?


I’ve always loved this.


I’m going to back-burner any further sewing classes until the machines come home. I’ll teach the class I’ve got on the calendar (Monday night) but I won’t put anything new up until those machines come back from their spa excursion. While they could potentially be back earlier, the shop quote is “20-25 days”. And they just went away Thursday…