Want to make a Dog collar class


Hello I’m new to DMS, who teaches the dog collar class. I want to make one.


paging @Lordrook


That is me indeed. Is anyone else interested in this? If we get enough interest I will put up a class, otherwise I might be able to just come up and do a 1 off with you. Especially since I know @apparently_weird and David (sorry I never got your talk handle) wanted to work on a project with me.


I’m on board. There was one a while back, not sure if it was yours, but I missed it and have been waiting for another to pop up.


I’d be up for making another one. Larry has a couple of grand dogs that might like new neckwear. If if you allow non-members to crash the party, I could probably convince his daughter to come play along.


I do actually set that class to public since there are no super dangerous tools we use.


That’s great, I talked to you Thursday night. Thank you


Is anyone interested in learning how to make a Martingale style collar. also called a
limited choke or Greyhound collar?