Want to do Woodwork. Need the power of DMS!

Hello Fine Folks!
Like many people, I have been affected heavily by this shutdown. I was previously doing custom Woodwork and Tables out of DMS and when it shut down I lost that ability.
I previously spoke a couple folks just asking around but much like The Makerspace, itself, I realized the collective group is the true value so I have come here to ask!
Does anyone know of any Members or area companies that would be looking for a motivated and detail-attentative woodworker? I can use all woodshop tools except for CNC and lathe (which I was set to learn a few days after the shutdown). I have a great eye for design and love to learn everything I can get my hands on.
If you guys could ask around or help me out in ANY way it would be GREATLY appreciated. I’m simply looking to work hard and add value to anyone looking to hire someone to help them knock out work and increase their sales!

Thank you all and I can’t wait to see everyone again!
Stay safe my friends!!

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I don’t have a lead for you, however it might be prudent to post a few of your projects to showcase your skills.


You would have to do the research and footwork to follow up on this possible lead-

There’s a guy who teaches, or used to teach, stone sculpture making at the Creative Arts Center. He is a master woodworker who’s specialty is woodcarving. He used to have a large professional shop in one of the industrial areas…like Royal and 35 area…

If you can find his name, and if he is still in business, he always used to be looking for skilled woodworking people. He is Hispanic and does a lot of work for interior designers and architects.

Maybe google ‘woodcarving’, furniture repair and building, etc etc. And call the Creative Arts Center and see if you can track him down that way.

He’s a very nice man. His wood skills are On Point. His shop was in Dallas, but it could have moved over the years to a warehouse location with cheaper rent etc.