Want to build a guitar, mandolin, banjo, etc.?

The Luthiers Interactive North Texas (LINT) is a local group of luthiers that meet every other month to discuss building stringed instruments, show off projects and share knowledge. I’ve been going to these meetups for a couple of years and the sharing of knowledge is second to none. We have hands-on demonstrations, and the members are super friendly and helpful. We have some of the most accomplished luthiers in Texas as members. A couple of us are also members of the DMS, so we can help with info of which DMS tools are particularly helpful to the craft of building guitars.

The primary focus of this group is acoustic instruments - primarily guitars, mandolins and banjos - but we also have people experienced in building electric guitars, lutes, baritone guitars, and other instruments.

The next meeting is August 8th in Red Oak and anyone can attend a meeting or two for free before deciding to become a member or not.

More information can be found on the group website www.lint.org or just hit me up on Talk or directly for more info.