Walnut blasting for fun and "profit" (aka not paying a dealer)


So a client of mine in Beaumont got hit with a ransomware attack end of September (a fairly big in-the-news one), and so I spent basically the last quarter of the year in Beaumont first on emergency response and then on rebuilding. So the walnut blasting project I’d mentioned to some folks got sliiiiightly delayed. :slight_smile:

Back now, and I knocked the thing out – as with everything, with the right tools the job was a cinch. Not sure what folks would want in a writeup, but I did take a few photos so I figured I’d just post a few of them. I haven’t buttoned it up yet (but will very soon), so if anyone wants specific photos let me know.

(h/t Acme Creation Lab for use of the space to do this. It’s nowhere near the size of DMS, of course, but with that comes the ability to do things one couldn’t do in DMS – like leave a car overnight, sleep, and work on it the next day without being a zombie. :joy: Additional charge, but very reasonable rates imho.)

Shot of the rig I Frankensteined together:

A couple of before pics – if you have a direct-injection engine (and especially if it’s gasoline DI, like mine) your valves probably look something like this:

And a couple of after pics:


Very nice, great work! Would like to see a video of the process if possible.


I wish I’d taken some video. I’m lucky I remembered to take photos. :slight_smile: I’m awful at remembering to archive work I do. I got a bunch of folks asking me for photos of the tranny valve body baby-rebuild I did, and I didn’t have anything at all to show the process – only thing I had was “before” pictures of the guts of it in case I forgot where something went on reassembly.