Walmart closing out fabric Rink prices

I went over to my local Walmart tonight and I spent far too much money on fabric. This is the one just off of I-35 and Loop 12 in Oak Cliff. They have huge markdowns on fabric. Including as little as $0.50 a yard. I will admit I did a good job of cleaning out the dollar yard fabric that was decent fabric. They still have a huge amount of two and three dollar fabric that would be great for quilting and other things. They have both are Fabric and not from a Walmart that close nearby the other heads up is Walmart will be phasing out selling fabric by the yard they will only sell it in precut pieces so it is likely that all the Walmart will be phasing out their stock. Keep an eye out for these deals the markdowns did not make a lot of sense sometimes the same bolt in one color would be a dollar a yard and in another color $3 a yard and in another color $5 a yard. I even picked up some try this pink camo polar fleece $5 a yard. the check and see check and see what you might find if you’re interested in fabric this should be a good time to stock up