Wall Clock for the Machine Shop

In an effort to curb my “unintentional” working until 5-8am nights in the Machine Shop and to avoid shoving an oily chip-covered hand in my pocket to check my phone, I wanted to see if it’d be OK to buy and hang a wall clock in the machine shop (or for me to pick one up to donate and have someone at the space hang).

I was thinking either:




Without windows back there it’s really easy to lose track of time.


No. 1 is solid and functional.

No. 2 has some cool features. But – does it need a wifi connection for that? Does it just go blank when wifi drops?

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I’m not empowered to grant permission, but I love that idea. If you do this, should it go on the outer (west) wall of Blacksmithing so that it’s easy to see? The operators for most of the machines (mills/lathes/HAAS/drill press and bandsaw) all face toward the Blacksmithing wall.

I’m with @dryad2b. I prefer #1 myself, but if you’re providing it you should get to choose.


Looks like it’s connected to the satellite time. The benefit is that it never has to be reset until the batteries need to be replaced.


Both should be “atomic” clocks where they set themselves off some radio frequency from the atomic clock somewhere in the USA, I won’t buy regular wall clocks anymore.

Personally I prefer the analog option as well, I think it’d fit the space better.

Regarding placement I figured that’d be up to those running the space, but given the orientation of the machines I was thinking on the wall to the left of the HAAS would be the most functional for the entire machine shop area.

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slightly off topic, but…

has anyone successfully used one of these hangers for something? If so, I would love to understand just how in the sam hill they work. I’d much rather save the $0.007 cents than deal with the frustration those things have caused.
I like the traditional clockface better than the digital readout, though if you’re the type to work >12 hrs without realizing, having AM/PM/24hr could be handy.
I think having several of these throughout the 'Space might be a fine idea, and the @Board_of_Directors could make that happen pretty easily.

PS I find it amusing the copy on the digital reads “analog” for the output, too.

Was there any resolution in this? I support the idea of a clock of any self setting type.

The clocks shown look like they use WWVB which may not work well in this setting. I have one I can bring in and leave for a week if approved and see if it’ll play. Failing that we can get something that runs off ntp and poe.

Oz (in DFW)

So I know the wood shop has a saw blade one, cool idea, make a whatever creative creation you think looks cool, buy a 2$ thrift store clock and use the quarts movement from that way each area has its own uniquely “woodshop” or machine shop” style clock’ a cool little quirky thing that fits the vibe of makerspace

Your area really should consider a steam punk type clock. Show off those mad machine shop skills. Rope @keoliver and @BobKarnaugh into doing it. Maybe throw in a few wrist watch versions of the design so @John_Marlow doesn’t feel left out of the fun.


Very cool, but don’t seem conducive to “at a glance” reading that was part of the original goal. We should be able to automate setting, though.

Maybe clock first (if this hasn’t already happened,) and clever next.

Oz (in DFW)

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@ozindfw and @bprzybyl
Why not just go purchase a clock and bring it in along with a hanger? Install it on the wall and be surprised when no one says a thing about it, except, maybe, thank you. Just go buy a $10 clock and solve this:) You can always upgrade.

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If we need a clock, an ATOMIC clock so that’s accurate, here’s one from Amazon.

@TBJK if this is acceptable I’ll order tonight, on my dime, have it delivered it to DMS. Problem solved.


I think it’s good. My concern is that the syncing may not work inside the building. I’d hate to see you spend $50 and have it not work. I have an (ugly) “atomic” clock that I can bring in as a test. If that works we’ll have reasonable confidence that the LaCrosse will.


Do it. It’s a clock. Resolve it.

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Remember “doocracy”?
It used to be in our rules, and, while it appears to have been thoroughly expunged from our websites, doesn’t mean the ethos has been deleted from our psyche.
Brandon embodied this fully, and I would like to see some of that spirit back. This would be a G R E A T example of a project easy to follow the Brandon Rule:

Also I would encourage a general doocracy spirit, if you want to make a change to logistics, even if I doubt it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it, and just document what you changed.

There is an implicit “and be ready to undo it if it proves to need undone”, but really, that’s just doocracying the subsequent change.

That’s a really long-winded way of agreeing with David: Do it. Easy to undo if needed. Isn’t hurting anything either way. You don’t need overlord approval to test, or to implement if you’re not asking for $$.

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I’ll bring mine is as a test Saturday and hang it on the wall that the mill and lather users face on the other side of aisle. If it works, be can buy something nicer.

Oz (in DFW)


All in for that, but as a newbie I’m still stumbling around a bit in the dark trying to avoid the social third rails.


Didn’t mean to cause any issues with this, after I posted here I ended up chatting with Tim a little bit and we went down the same “cool clock” rabbit hole thinking about one shaped like a dial caliper. I’m a newbie as well, and was hesitant to put holes in a wall I don’t own.

That said, I really appreciate the “Doocracy” mentality that’s been shared. I’d be happy to attempt to make the machine shop more enjoyable to be in, just didn’t want to be greeted with a “Whoever put a hole in the wall near machine shop please plan to come in and patch the damage” then accept your ban."

I’ll be heading in tonight, I’ve got a “Sky Scan” model which is WWVB as far as I can tell. I’ll put it up on the cabinet between the books/HAAS and see if there’s a spot I can try hanging it on the wall @ozindfw is talking about.

If my WWVB one works out tonight, I’ll pick one up and aim to install this weekend (assuming @Photomancer hasn’t purchased already).


I’m not advocating punching holes in walls left & right, but honest efforts to improve the 'Space, and willingness to undo/change generally will be greeted with thanks. The ban is very unlikely for something that doesn’t irrevocably alter the facility or place members in an unsafe environment.

Command Adhesives might be one way to avoid that whole thing altogether, but if that can’t work, a willingness to patch a wall will go a long way, should someone become distraught over drywall.

Appreciate each of you being willing to help out here. We shouldn’t be paralyzed with fear to help make small improvements like this. :+1:
:horns: on


I didn’t see anything in the machine shop, so I put a test clock on the top shelf of the workbench across the aisle. We’ll see if it updates.

And no walls were harmed.


I should also have mentioned that I set it 5 minute fast, so we’ll know if it sync’d