Vouchers for Time Donation for CA Garage Sale


@talkers had a terrific idea in this thread to donate sessions of his time to be sold as vouchers in the CA Garage Sale. We did this at last year’s DMS picnic and it was really well received. I presented this idea at the committee meeting last night and we agreed that it was a great idea and would like to move forward with it if there are others willing to donate time as well.

This is now the formal thread for you to post if you would like to donate time vouchers similarly. Please give the following information:

  • How much time you are willing to donate, and in what increments (for example, two one hour sessions).
  • What subjects you are willing to teach for these vouchers.
  • What times of day/week you’ll be available (Day, Night, or Weekend are the general categories).


Just to clarify, the proceeds go to Creative Arts and not the Maker Scholarship Fund unlike the picnic, right?


Yes! I only referenced the picnic because it was so successful there.


I’ll donate two 2 hour sessions

I can teach resin techniques for jewelry.
I can open up my cache of resin inclusions for use
I can teach how to make your own pendant bezels and basic soldering.
I can teach you how to preserve art with resin
I can teach you how to do a basic resin pour
I can give you life advice (but can’t guarantee it will help)
Heck, I’ll teach you aeronautics (it won’t be accurate but I have google)

Edited: availability limited to nights only on weekdays 5:30-10pm, weekends depending on my teaching schedule.


I will also donate two 2 hour sessions (estimated value $5,000).
Willing to do a 1 on 1 lesson in any of the following realms.
Resin casting
Soap Making
or a 2 hour therapy session (psycho or aroma, your choice)


I’m not all that creative, and def not an artist, but I have kaleidoscope making skills. :slight_smile: I’ll donate a 2 hour block of time. That will be long enough to make a simple 3 mirror kaleidoscope. The times available are:
Any day of the weekday 10 AM and 9 PM. Weekends vary, but generally between 8 AM and 11 AM Saturdays and Sundays.


I might encourage CA to consider a silent auction for those donating time. At some of the dance studios I go to, often dancers will donate private lessons during silent auction day, which already has a minimum starting bid. Throughout the day people add their name, telephone number and bid. End of day winner is determined and then contacted for payment arrangements. Yes, there were cases people couldn’t pay or if they didn’t hear a response in a certain amount of time they’d move to the next best bidder. Just a thought.

Edit: I should also add that time was coordinated directly with the person who bought and the person teaching. Studios only intervened if there was some sort of major conflict.


This is a great suggestion, because the silent action could be posted on the space walls the week before the garage sale, allowing people who want to bid but can’t be there that Saturday an opportunity


This is awesome guys!


Why are these great events always on a Saturday when I work???


Because we get together and plan on leaving you out. :yum:


I am delighted by such a great response! So much so I can withdraw my offer.

I mean…
I’m still in! Just so one day I can achieve the greatness of @Lordrook 's offerings…


Maybe you should host an event in your parking lot.


Contrary to popular belief…the parking lot does not belong to the automotive committee.


Automotive (ok me) will donate :

Two classes of “get to know your car” for beginners.
This covers getting familiar with what is under the hood (bonnet for the Brits) & what is underneath the car.

This includes the lift training as well

Note : vehicles must be be front wheel drive.


You understood I was referring to the gallery lot, not DMS lot…


Those events require permits from the town & a whole lot of work.

I’ve hosted many events indoors but fewer and fewer.


I briefly talked it Ian from Acme creation lab in Dallas (we are buds). He talked about us borrowing his indoor space for a garage sale. Good people.


I will donate two trips to a shooting range that is about 1 hour from DMS. I will provide all equipment and training for the event. Expect it to last at least 4 hours or until one of us can’t take any more, or I run out of ammunition.

I’m available most any day or weekend. The two winning contestants can go either alone or together, their choice. Bringing your own gun is OK.

New shooters are more than welcome. If you are interested in long range rifle shooting it will really make my day. :grinning: I have a chronograph available for more advanced shooters that want to do more than put holes in paper.

Russell Ward


pshaw, you can do what I do and more.