Vote VOte VOTe VOTE please and at DMS TONITE - 5/10/2019


Odd category … just trying to make sure it is viewable by members who don’t always login to see Member Only things on Talk.

Very important election that has had lots of procedural changes to comply with what the paid DMS attorney has concluded the current Bylaws actually support (but I’m told by one of the DMS members who is an attorney is the same opinion that 4 DMS member attorneys agree with).

In any event, this could turn out to be the most technically compliant DMS election of record. Critically important is to get the Bylaw amendments 1-3 passed so future elections can include online voting and allow online voters that count toward making a quorum.

So, if you want way more convenient voting options in the future … agree to be a bit inconvenienced TONITE and BE IN LINE to vote as early as 6:30 and NO LATER THAN 8:30.

TONITE, Friday, May 10, 2019.



Thanks for the visibility and member reminder Bert. @John_Marlow, this certainly seems like something that should be pinned in all caps to the top of the TALK board, especially if we have concerns about making quorum during a potentially stormy Friday evening.



@John_Marlow, can you or someone else with proper credentials sent out an email blast to eligible voters reinforcing this point:



I’m not sure the organization should be sending official messages telling members to vote a certain way.


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Not a certain way, just to vote.



Right. “Please vote.”

Not this:

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Valid point even though I’m pretty sure the org does want online voting. Maybe a bit of wordsmithing could make the point that being able to go back to online voting in a compliant fashion requires Bylaw amendments and without that happening in this election, future elections will have the same or similar restrictions until there are changes.

That avoids recommending my preferred route, and leaves open amendment 4, or NO to any or all.

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But with regard to the Bylaws, yes I agree. no need to promote any such proposals.

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agreed below/above. :slight_smile:

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