Volunteers needed June 1&2 2019- Now not on a holiday


We will be installing new flooring in the CA area the last week of May (keep in mind this is Memorial Day weekend and a holiday.) It is the same click and stick flooring in the Interactive room.
I have been tasked with leading this group. I’ll buy pizza and drinks.
Please let me know if you are interested! The more the merrier and quicker. We also need a miter saw if anyone can lend theirs.



There are likely two long-handled scrapers in the north workshop (formerly known as Suite 102) that should be helpful in removing the old adhesive from under the carpet.

Unofficial request … Please buy enough extra vinyl tile to install it in the hallway underneath the new water fountains.

It’s a small area but the bare concrete there looks bad (under the fountains), there is no reason to install carpeting, and there isn’t any matching carpeting anyway.



Maybe CA can save several good swatches of carpet when they pull it up?

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I can’t help with the install, because I’ll be in San Antonio for a bowling tournament that weekend. However, I do have a miter saw on a stand that I can bring in for the project.



Bek and I might be able to help.



Perfection Cary! That would be wonderful.

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I think we can buy a little extra- what do you think @BarkingChicken



I’m sure that would be fine to get one box extra.

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Bah, I’m out on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend and Monday’s a squishy maybe.



@bookpixie is your kiddo available that weekend?



Looks like we are free that weekend. What times are you guys looking at for working in it?

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Oooh, that’s a good (and cheap) idea! Thanks!

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We accounted for extra and should have enough

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Thinking starting at 10 on Sunday and seeing how far we get before rebellion starts



@Nate are you available that weekend?



Not sure I work Saturday but may be available on Sunday. I’ll let you know when I do



Agreed… Enough for all the hallways :blush:

There is no good carpet
[Burn the Carpets Faction]

@BarkingChicken @Edenblue.
I already committed to helping a friend build a backyard kitchen that weekend :confused:

@CaryF300 I’m sure CA will buy the needed blade. ■■■■ Stacy let us use his for Interactive. A God Send. Thank you for willing to share.

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What blade do we need- for the scrapers?

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I don’t know what Education used on the Interactive floor so John @talkers will have to weigh in on what they are and where they are.

The two long-handled scrapers that Expansion has were bought after Interactive was done. They can be used standing up.

You will likely have to look at them to determine if the blade can be removed. Even if not, maybe someone in metal shop can grind/sharpen them.

Last weekend one or both of them was in the formerly 102 galley and soon-to-be wet classroom.

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Thank you! I believe extra blades are pretty cheap.

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