Volunteers for Glaze Test Tiles

Hey all!

We are planning on making glaze test tiles for all the glazes in our space. This will help everyone see what the final results of the glazes we keep in stock.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to help out making and painting the test tiles.

If you are interested please let me know so we can plan a date and time that works for everyone.


I volunteer. :raised_hand:

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If anyone helping has any ideas about what the style should be let me know?

I was thinking of either circles or rectangles with a hole on top that can be place on a pegboard with hooks or wooden dowels but I am open to ideas.

Here are a couple of images with different ideas



I thought @Sperry8520 was thinking about extruding tubes for Glaze Test things?

I consider that the flat things have a major flaw. If you’ve got a glaze that flows, the flat piece won’t flow, so you won’t get the full effect. That would be okay for the Celadons, but most of the Potter’s Choice glazes are different when they flow. If you look at the Amaco site, most of the PC glazes are on a small pot/cup, usually with some texture to show how they break over texture.

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This is basically the only thing I’m good at right now hahahaha sign me up

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I like the idea of vertical test tiles. Either way, I will be happy to contribute. :slight_smile:


What does everyone schedule look like this month? Is there a day or time that would work best for y’all?

Evenings or weekend afternoons work best for me

We could have a “runniness scale” from 0 to “[insert running pun here]”


Weekdays are best for me, but I can make some exceptions on weeknights or weekends, but probably not Sundays. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay I was traveling and then got sick.

Would you guys like to start on cutting the test tiles out this upcoming week?

I am free, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday after 6:30pm or Saturday anytime before 3:30pm.

I would prefer Thursday night.

Let me know how this upcoming week works for y’all?

I’m good for any of those days, except on Wednesday I would have to leave by 8, so if we weren’t done I’d be leaving y’all with the cleanup.

I have a bead rack we can use to fire the tiles vertically after they’ve been glazed, I just have to make the tray/cookie first. I’ll do that on Monday.

Do we know where/how these will be displayed?

Okay let’s aim for Thursday around 6:30 if that works. If you need to come later that’s okay.

@Sperry8520 is going to make a custom pegboard for us using the CNC mill. He also mentioned we can use kiln groves as well to file the test tiles.

I have a work meeting on Thursday evening. I will try to make it but if I can’t your continue without me.

Let’s start with making some samples to give them a tray. They may need a hole if we want to hang them, buy we could use double sided tape or Velcro.

I can make whatever is needed.

Random thoughts:

  1. We should put a hole even if we are planning on velcro, just in case we have to change the display method in the future.

  2. We need to know where the display will be initially located and approximately how many tiles we want, so we can do an estimate of the maximum size the tiles should be.

2a. We should add extra tile spaces to our estimate in case we need to expand our list later.

  1. Also, not sure what you all had in mind regarding textures, but could we texture the tiles in a way so they show both plain and textured results?

IMO they should be eye level on the wall behind the glazes…maybe a horizontal presentation? I don’t remember how much space is between the glazes and the cabinets. I thought about having them glued to the top of the glaze bottles but we’d be removing them constantly.

I’ve seen people using hexagonal “tiles” with texture rolled across half of it, so that’s an interesting idea, but I don’t have a hexagonal cookie cutter (should be easy to acquire). Could use a honeycomb texture roller for that, too. I made round 2" coins with a ¼" hole in the top for underglazes and S&C and I’m hanging these on one of those stainless ball chains, very efficient, but not pegboard-ready.

We have plenty of texture rollers so I wouldn’t worry about that. It would be a good way to show what those textures look like on clay as well.

We need to make sure to specify the clay body and cone in the display as well.

I have an old label maker that we could use to label the tiles in the board, but they don’t stick great to naked clay, sharpie is more effective.

A pegboard that can be re-organized if new pieces are added would accommodate label(s?)

@Sperry8520 Would Friday work better for you?

@shlabelle @stealingsand currently the only wall space we have available is to the left of the cabinets (behind the ware boards). We can take a look at doing it above the glaze shelves but I’m pretty sure there isn’t much space.

We can definitely add texture.

I think holes and velcro are great ideas.

Label machine and sharpie will work! We can label the board but I would say we would need to label each glaze tile as well.

I can take measurements and sketch an idea out once I get up to the space this week and we can discuss further in person as well.

Yes we should make room for expansion if needed.

Let’s start off with white stoneware clay and if we need add a brown or other clay bodies we can.

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I will be up there tonight at 6:30 to start the process.

Amaco Runniness Matrix

Here’s the runniness matrix I was talking about tonight @dryad2b @Elizursini

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Do we need to use something like underglaze to label them befor they go in the kiln to make it easier to identify them when they come out? Just a thought.

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