Volunteer Opportunity - watching videos


One very good suggestion we got was to add more videos to our WIKI. Not the standard MIT videos but those with practical application and teaching videos. The problem is a quick google of “machining videos” provided a count of 35,400,000 probable videos. It would be great if people could ‘vet’ some of these videos and let us know what to add to the WIKI.

There is lot of subject matter from lathe, to mill, to CNC to just plain stupid and horrible. I’d certainly avoid the vender videos whose goal is to sell you something (unless it is actually good). Something like made by a shop teacher (do those still exist?) or garage machinist is probably what will best try to convey the most.

Just a thought to add some more quality to our WIKI page and in lieu of more teachers. cheers!


Some of my favorites:

Clickspring - small intricate work using basic tools (I’d love to make the Antikythera Mechanism someday):

Joe Pi - excellent videos about using a metal lathe:

ThisOldTony - educational and entertaining


Chris from Clickspring would be great to get in as a guest.
I think he would be a great machining star to have in for a workshop.


RDWorks Leaning Lab
Russ is amazing, and just about every one of his 200 plus videos apply to our Thunder platform at DMS.
No fluff, no messing around with infotainment, if he says it, it’s informative.


Mr.Pete…he is great.


Yes I think Mr. Pete is an ex-shop teacher that gets good marks on his videos