Visible Mending

I just posted a class for Visible Mending on Wednesday 7/31/19 at 7 pm. It should be visible to y’all in 72 hrs. Or maybe 48 hrs. July has already used up all the available honorariums…

I looked at the stuff online, and it mostly looks like applique and embroidery, some good and some very, very special. There are a couple of other things done, but they are really variants of those two techniques. These were also popular back in the '70’s, but we didn’t use any special terminology.

Folks who want to attend should ideally bring a thing they want to mend. I mean – we can discuss and practice techniques on some of the random fabric that’s in sewing, but it will work a lot better if we’re working on creating your vision. You should probably also bring the stuff to mend it with – either fabric you want to use as a patch, or embroidery thread. I won’t say “that matches”, because the point will be that you can see the mend clearly.

I haven’t set up anything on Eventbrite, so I’m going to put out a tip jar. While I’d suggest $5, I will leave that totally up to the students and what value you think you take away from the class.

Here’s one link (and there’s probably more if you want to Google it)


What covering up eystein on inet top be something that would be useful for this class

I love this!

Great idea Beth,

When I was little my mom made most my outfits. Being the active person I am, she embroidered Daisy’s with leaves over all my rips and stains.


Visible Mending is coming up this Wednesday. Spaces still available!